Consumption Tax Exemption Guidelines

Consumption tax exemptions will vary by product type (general or consumable) and total purchase amount.
・It is possible to combine the totals of general items and consumables.
・Tax exemptions are limited to products purchased on the same day at the same store.
・Tax exemptions and are limited to items taken outside of Japan.

Items to be displayed at the tax-exemption counter

1. Purchaser passport (copies and other forms of personal identification are not accepted)

2.Receipt of purchase or actual product (items without receipts will not be eligible)

3.Credit card (Only if a credit card is used. Credit card and passport must be in the same name.)

Items ineligible for tax exemption

Admission passes and tickets, food and drink, postage, shipping fees, etc.

Consumable items must remain unopened and be taken out of Japan within 30 days. If an item is opened or consumed before leaving Japan, purchaser will be charged when leaving the country.
Please refrain from exchanging or returning purchased products after consumption tax exemption processing has been completed.

In some cases it may take time to process tax exemptions. Please bear in mind that it may take time to process your tax exemption and allow sufficient time to complete your shopping.